Microsoft PowerPoint and Word templates, presentations and documents. Dynamic, visually captivating  PowerPoint presentations and templates, always robust and user-friendly. PowerPoint-Plus Ltd have the enthusiasm and creativity to deliver your job on time and within budget.

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PowerPoint Presentations

Visually Captivating PowerPoint presentations and templates designed with custom backgrounds, I can work with your brand guidelines or bring some creative flair to your ideas. You can supply a PDF layout and I will provide a fully working, user-friendly template ready for you to populate. Alternatively if your presentation needs a make-over I can ensure it will get an eye catching professional look..

Microsoft Word Templates

Microsoft Word document templates make producing standard documents easy. Every document is consistent and follows corporate standards. Even those with only basic Word skills can produce great results every time and with minimal training. Embedded logos and graphics mean that your documents always look superb even on plain paper. I can produce user friendly stationery, newsletters, even forms which can be downloaded from your website. Whether your output is printed, pdf format or screen based, PowerPoint-Plus have the experience to optimise your documents making sure they are perfect for your needs.

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